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Letting Go of “Guys”

I’m reprogramming my brain, letting go of the use of guys as a generic term.  This is hard.  I’ve used guys frequently in conversation. It’s also controversial. I get it – most of us use guys to mean the entire group. And yet… Guys carries some ugly, old baggage. To me, the term represents outdated… Continue reading Letting Go of “Guys”

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The Writing Circle Experience

I remember being very nervous the first time I attended a writing circle. I was concerned that my writing would seem immature or unpolished. I worried that I would be criticized or embarrassed.  I was SO WRONG! An underpinning of the Women Writing for (a) Change experience is celebration of the individual voice. Our writing circles… Continue reading The Writing Circle Experience

Conscious Business

Growing Slowly

As I enter year two of Women Writing for (a) Change, Willamette Valley, I am grateful for the advice from a mentor to allow this work to “grow slowly.” Granting myself the gifts of thinking, pausing, reflecting and considering – these feel like radical concepts juxtaposed with our culture’s supercharged pace of life. In the past year,… Continue reading Growing Slowly