Mission: The mission of Women Writing for (a) Change, Willamette Valley is to nurture a  community that values writing as a tool for reflection, inspiration and transformation.

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Stephanie Lemmons Wilson is the dreamer, facilitator and writer behind Women Writing WV. She has found comfort in writing for self-exploration and healing since she was a young girl. Stephanie wrote for many years with the Women Writing community in Bloomington, IN. After moving to the Pacific Northwest, she found herself longing for the practices of Women Writing circles. In 2015, she completed the Conscious Feminine Leadership Academy and began the journey to develop a writing community in the Willamette Valley.


Stephanie Lemmons Wilson

Stephanie has been a successful Learning and Development professional in corporate America for over 20 years, with an MS in Instructional Design and an MBA. She has also enjoyed working as a news journalist.

Stephanie leads public writing circles in the Willamette Valley. See the Events and Programs page for a listing of upcoming classes. She also uses writing as a tool for professional development with women, teams and mentoring groups in organizations. Stephanie believes writing circles foster a spirit of reflection, and from reflection comes our best work.

Gratitude: Deep gratitude for the principles and practices of Women Writing for (a) Change.  They were created, honed and lovingly documented by Mary Pierce Brosmer. You can read about them in her book, Women Writing for (a) Change: A Guide for Creative Transformation.

“When women and girls are safe, empowered, prosperous,
expressive and authentic,
so is society.”
~Mary Pierce Brosmer

Love and thanks to Beth Lodge-Rigal and the Women Writing for (a) Change, Bloomington community for the kindness, encouragement, friendship and role modeling.

To my cohort Elemental sisters (with whom I was trained in these practices), you are with me in every circle!

Mom – Thank you for insisting I be a strong, capable woman!

Tom – Thank you for inspiring me to grow into my best self.

Collaborators: Gratitude to Mitra Farrokhzad Dunn for taking my rambling ideas for a logo and producing a beautiful representation of this work, and to Annika Bielig Bussmann for much of the lovely photography throughout this site, including the photos on this page.