National Poetry Month


April showers bring poetry! It’s National Poetry Month and for the past several years, I’ve been happily immersing myself in the world of poetry for the month. This year, I am writing a poem a day (NaPoWriMo), sharing a poem with the people I meet on Poem in Your Pocket Day, reading lots of poems and books on poetry craft, memorizing a poem, and buying a new poetry volume. I might even submit a 140-character poem to NPR. Find additional ideas for celebrating here.

I believe there is a poem which speaks to each of us. I’ve been inspired by the Poetry Out Loud program that encourages high school students to memorize and recite poetry. I love the stories of how a poem reaches into a kid’s soul and says, “I’m the one for you.”

I’m becoming acquainted with the poetry of Ursula K. LeGuin and am very much enjoying Late in the Day. Here’s one from that collection:

The Salt
para Gabriela

The salt in the small bowl looks up at me
with all its little glittering eyes and says:
I am the dry sea.
Your blood tastes of me.

Other poetry books I’m reading are shown in the top photo:

Some of these books I’ve purchased and others I’ve borrowed from the library.  I enjoy browsing the poetry section of the library and picking a book at random.  I’m also looking forward to my copy of Breakfast: 43 Poems by Portland poet Coleman Stevenson.

The truth is, I love poetry and read/write it all year round.  I’ve been exploring haiku.  Still, there’s nothing like April to intensify the experience. I’m grateful for the encouragement to go deep. I’d love to hear from you, too. Is there a particular poem that speaks to you? Have you recently found a new poet? Do you write poetry?  Let’s celebrate National Poetry Month together!

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