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Growing Slowly

As I enter year two of Women Writing for (a) Change, Willamette Valley, I am grateful for the advice from a mentor to allow this work to “grow slowly.” Granting myself the gifts of thinking, pausing, reflecting and considering – these feel like radical concepts juxtaposed with our culture’s supercharged pace of life.

In the past year, I’ve focused my writing circle service toward the women of the corporation where I work. I consider this effort crucial; I call it my “mission work” – making space for truth and reflection in the midst of corporate America.

I’ve thought long about what I can take on in addition to my day job and other personal commitments. Growing slowly allows me to make careful choices about how I spend my time and how I shape this creative business. I want it to continue as a joy, and I also want to spread the goodness of the Women Writing practices and principles further within my community. Both/And.

And…so it is that I’m releasing this website along with more public programs. I’m planning a spring equinox circle, considering a late summer 6-week series, and dreaming of an autumn retreat. Join me!


3 thoughts on “Growing Slowly

  1. Such an exciting adventure! I wish I lived closer and could participate in person at all of your events. I love your idea od growing slowly. I have personally been focusing on having “peace with my pace” and “imperfect progress.”


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